Flexpipe Case Study – Hubspot Marketing Hub Enterprise Coaching & Training

‘My project involved a rather complex restructuring of our overall lead magnet workflow strategy on our website. This task required meticulous organization to revise over 80 workflows in three different languages, as well as a multitude of forms. The goal was to end the siloed strategy and reduce the redundancy of the emails sent. 

Vito did not hesitate to challenge the status quo, temper my expectations, and guide me in implementing this transformation in stages. I would like to thank him for his attentive listening and exemplary rigor.’

Caroline St-Germain
Marketer & Head Content Strategist
Flexpipe, Inc.

Expert Training Objectives: Consolidate Hubspot Marketing Workflows and Simplify Lead Routing

Marketing Hub Enterprise by Hubspot is a robust, industry-leading Marketing Automation Platform.  When deployed properly, it resembles an industrial strength blast furnace fueling a company’s growth.

But mastering its many levers and features is no easy feat.  Flexpipe teamed with Growth Geyser to receive expert 1-on-1 training in April of 2023, and we’ve worked together ever since.

Our Client – Flexpipe

Flexpipe is renowned for its customizable, modular storage systems, including tube and joint setups.  The product is especially popular in automotive and aerospace industries (i.e. carts, floor racks, and workstations). But the brand also has a B2C following amongst home improvement enthusiasts (i.e. shelves, garden trays, etc.)

Based in Farham, Quebec, Canada, Flexpipe was founded in 2016 and employs approximately 50 team members. It sells its products world-wide, with a focus on the USA, Canada, and Mexico.

The Problem

Marketer & Content Strategist of Flexpipe, Caroline, is a Hubspot Power User and is the primary administrator of the company’s Hubspot Marketing Hub Enterprise instance.  A regular attendee of Hubspot’s annual Inbound Conference  and a user for 5+ years, she’s engineered an impressive Hubspot system for her company.  It houses 80,000+ contacts, 100+ workflows, 150+ forms, and nearly 50 landing pages across 3 languages to serve the entire N. American market.

But she still faced challenges.  

She sought to optimize the system of its brittle web of 25 lead magnet workflows.  Each workflow serves English, French, and Spanish speaking markets, adding to the complexity of managing them.  She required a framework that was less error-prone and more flexible when making small, quick changes.  

These were some of problems we needed to address:

  1. In its past state, the entanglement of workflows often meant changing one created an error in another.  Or changing copy, meant having to change copy in 20+ workflows, which was time-consuming and error-prone.
  2. In addition, their site’s 150+ forms lacked standardization, creating further complexity for handling leads.  
  3. She also required a system to route certain users to certain Email Drip Sequences based on their current Lifecycle Stage.  In the past she had no solution for this.

Caroline is one of the most skilled Hubspot users Growth Geyser has ever worked with.  However, being the most expert Hubspot user in her organization, she felt like she was living on an island.  She couldn’t lean on anybody in-house for support.  Occasionally she reached out to Hubspot support and took additional Hubspot courses to attempt to fill the gap.  But to no avail.

That’s when she reached out to Growth Geyser.

The Solution

For both the first and second problems listed above, we focused on minimizing and consolidating workflows.  Since Caroline was tasked with building new email drip sequences for new lead magnets (and replacing some old ones), we came up with a lead-routing system.

Hence we parsed the routing element of the workflows and isolated that into 1 workflow.  For example  MQL – French Speaker takes a path after form submission while SQL – English Speaker takes a  different path after form submission.  

Please observe the image below.

Complex initial workflow diagram at Flexpipe, showing multiple overlapping processes in different languages that led to high error rates and inefficiencies.

This resulted in

  • Fewer Workflows7 instead of 18
  • Changing any element of the routing portion of the workflow requires only 1 change vs. 18
  • The reduction of both of the above greatly reduced the likelihood of any human error

The next challenge we confronted was that of the 174 forms currently on the website.  There was a mix and match of fields used on forms, styles, and questions.  Some forms had as many as 10 fields.

We standardized them all.  We consolidated this to 6 fields on all forms.  And we leveraged conditional logic to make it appear as though there were only 5 questions.  And we deployed 2 additional progressive fields behind all.

Streamlined Flexpipe workflow diagram post-HubSpot implementation, highlighting the reduction to just a few interconnected processes, enhancing clarity and reducing errors.

Now every lead submission comes with standardized information.  Structuring the incoming data and using it to make marketing and sales decisions has become easier and more streamlined.

The Result

A summary of our results:

  • Reduction of workflows in some cases by 60%
  • Standardization of all 174 forms
  • Less human error
  • Less time spent managing workflows
  • Less time performing Quality Assurance for workflows

‘With Vito’s help, we’ve significantly improved our workflows and form dynamics, making them more manageable and responsive. He guided the redesign of our forms to dynamically adapt based on user responses, enhancing the efficiency of our marketing activities. 

Additionally, his insights into email routing based on lifecycle stages have ensured our communications are more precisely targeted, greatly improving our engagement strategies.’

The Conclusion – A Productive, Ongoing Collaboration Partnership

Growth Geyser has provided a ‘sounding board’ for Caroline whenever she faces complex Hubspot tasks. She now has an expert partner to discuss, strategize, and even research complex Hubspot tasks before implementing them into the system.

It’s been a fruitful relationship for over a year and we’re confident we can continue to help Caroline and her organization with her Hubspot needs for years to come.