ActiveCampaign Consultant

Eliminate the frustrations and complexities of configuring your CRM & Email Marketing.  Unleash the full potential of ActiveCampaign’s powerful features. Automate processes and increase revenues.

activecampaign_consultantConfiguring ActiveCampaign to suit your particular business’s needs can be a formidable task.  Delegate your CRM and email marketing setup to an ActiveCampaign Consultant.

In order to properly assess your needs and put you in the best position to succeed, we employ a time-proven process.  The following describes how our process works.

Step 1: Discovery & Strategy

In order to maximize ActiveCampaigns full set of features, we first want to perform a discovery phase.  In this discovery phase we analyze your tech stack, your sales & marketing operational procedures, current customer journeys, and your objectives and goals working with our ActiveCampaign expert. 

We charge a fixed rate for discovery and we include up to 7 hours of work.

We’ll ask you to fill out a detailed questionnaire on all of the above items.  Subsequent to that, we’ll schedule a 2 hour call to discuss your answers in the questionnaire.  The questionnaire is meant to give us a broad overview not just of your email marketing and CRM needs, but of your entire business.

Once the call is complete, we’ll take a look ‘under the hood’ at your current software systems.  We’ll attempt to acquaint ourselves with your systems setup, identify any obvious problems, and recommend best practices.

Now that we have a much clearer idea of both your business structure and your objectives in working with Growth Geyser, we then create a plan of attack for your first project.  Generally that project includes a customer journey, including lead intake, possible landing page & form building, and email sequence.  

We include 1 journey diagram in the price of discovery. 


Sometimes, however, your most pressing need may not be to build a customer journey, but instead to fix a problem or merely gain more insights into your needs through consulting.  We can use the allotted time in discovery toward addressing these types of needs.

Lastly, we’ll provide an estimate of the time it takes to complete your first project(s).

Step 2. Implementation / Consulting

The next step involved execution of our proposed plan.  That plan may include all of the following and more:

  • Email Deliverability analysis and guidance
  • Drip campaigns
  • Automations
  • Form Creation and Custom CSS Styling
  • Tagging
  • List Creation and Cleanup
  • Lead scoring
  • CRM pipeline setup
  • Deal automation
  • & More

In addition, we can connect ActiveCampaign to your other software via native integrations or Zapier.  Here is a list of a few software tools that we connect often with Activecampaign:

  • Calendly
  • Jotform
  • WooCommerce
  • Shopify
  • WordPress
  • Gravity Forms
  • Facebook Ads
  • Much more…

In executing our project(s) we’ll ask you to add us to your task management system (Jira, Trello, Asana, etc.).  If you prefer not to go this route, we can add you to our system, Trello.  The majority of our communication will occur through Trello, Google Docs, and Cacoo diagrams.  

That said, we can schedule calls when necessary for more difficult issues or simply to keep you and your team aligned with ours.  You’ll always have access to our call scheduler in order to do so.

Step 3. Additional Services – Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Ads, Google Optimize, Google Search Console

Growth Geyser also offers expertise in the Google suite of products.  If you’re not highly familiar with your analytics setup, we can take a look and provide an audit.  

Setting up the basics in Google Analytics is extremely important.  Google Analytics is the leading free software for web analytics.  It helps business owners determine where leads and sales are coming from.

Without knowing where sales and leads come from, you’re flying blind.  By knowing what traffic (SEO, paid ads, social media, etc.) produces leads and revenues, you can make intelligent business decisions where to allocate your marketing budget.