RevOps Tech Stack Assessment

How do your RevOps ‘stack up’?  Your RevOps tech stack needs to be a mean, lean, revenue-generating machine in order to compete.  We’ll help you optimize and squeeze the most revenues from your Revenue Operations.

RevOps Tech Stack

Your RevOps Tech Stack may be comprised of many moving parts:

  • Customer Relationship Management / CRM software (i.e. Hubspot / Salesforce / Microsoft Dynamics / Pipedrive)
  • Ecommerce platform (i.e. Shopify / WooCommerce / Magento / BigCommerce)
  • Marketing Automation software (i.e. ActiveCampaign / Mailchimp / Klaviyo  / Keap)
  • Company Email platform (i.e. Google Workspace / Outlook 365)
  • Content Management System / CMS platform (i.e. WordPress / Webflow / Squarespace / Wix)
  • Landing Page software (i.e. Unbounce / Optimizely)
  • Form Builder (i.e. Jotform / Gravity Forms / Formstack)
  • Helpdesk Software (i.e. Zendesk / Freshdesk)
  • Live Chat software (i.e. Intercom)
  • Extract – Transform – Load / ETL software (i.e.
  • Cold Email software (i.e. / Woodpecker/ / Mailshake)
  • Demand Generation platform (i.e. Google Ads / Facebook Ads)
  • Middleware (i.e. Zapier)
  • Analytics software (i.e. Google Analytics 4 / GA4)

Why You Need a RevOps Tech Stack Assessment

Do the systems in your organization (referenced above) commingle harmoniously?  Or do they operate in disconnected silos?  If not, you’re allowing $$$ to slip down the drain.

If your stack needs fine-tuning, better integration, and revenue generation optimization we can help.  

With our RevOps Tech Stack Assessment our experts will dive into and assess your RevOps tech stack to perform the following:

  • Assess the different software components in your stack.
  • Evaluate whether or not you’re maximizing the power and features of each.
  • Ensure the technology is seamlessly integrated
  • Verify that data flows among disparate components properly
  • Review whether or not reporting is configured for deep insight and analysis
  • And lastly, optimize your stack so that it’s automated, efficient, and leaves you in a position to maximize revenues.

Below is an explanation on how the process works.

Step 1: Questionnaire

We’ll start by giving you a questionnaire to fill out.  It will have 10 – 15 questions based (it varies on your business profile).  This typically takes clients 20 – 45 minutes to fill out thoroughly.

Once you’ve answered all the questions, you’ll notify us and we’ll proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Discovery Call

This is a 2 hour call between our team and yours.  The questionnaire you filled out will be the foundation of the call.  However, the conversation won’t step there.  Invariably, your answers will lead us into other tangents pertinent to improving your revenue stack. 

There are several goals of the Discovery Call:

  1. To gain deeper insight to your challenges and pain points.
  2. Because our team will have a fresh, objective, 3rd party perspective, we hope to uncover the root causes of your challenges and to possibly identify additional areas of improvement.
  3. Lastly, our team hopes to be able to prioritize action items so we can implement quick wins and low hanging fruit from the start.

    RevOps Tech Stack Assessment

Step 3: Audit / Deeper Dive

After the call we’ll ask you to give us the ‘keys’ to your systems so we can ‘look under the hood.’

This will allow us to take a deeper technical dive into your revenue operations.  From this deep dive, we hope to gather more valuable information.  This information will allow us to observe more and formulate more recommendations.  

Step 4: Assessment Call

This is a 1 hour call where we accumulate all our findings and recommendations, in order of priority.

It’s also at this point we can provide you an estimate of hours for us to implement those recommendations.  Because we heavily focus on prioritization, you can then decide which projects / tasks are within your budget.

And finally, we can then proceed to implement changes.  If you prefer, we can also guide / train your team on implementing the suggested

We typically work by blocks of hours, the more hours the steeper the discount.  But if you prefer, we can also establish a monthly retainer for continued work.