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Work with a Hubspot Consultant to optimize Hubspot’s CRM & Email Marketing tools to maximize your ROI and growth. Overcome complexities, automate sales & marketing processes, and and allow us to help you devise strategies that allow you to get the most out of Hubspot’s powerful features.

“Vito went above and beyond to be a thorough expert for us inside of Hubspot and email automation. He was very patient and understanding based on our business’s needs. He also provided invaluable insights into the CRM where we lacked knowledge. His responsiveness and professionalism exceeded our expectations. We highly recommend Vito for all your HubSpot needs.”

Alison M.
Head of Digital Marketing

Correctly configuring Hubspot is a complex task. But it’s a crucial one for the success of your business’s inbound marketing, sales, and customer service, and to help support your outbound email campaigns.

By delegating your CRM setup to a Growth Geyser Hubspot Consultant, you can ensure an efficient marketing tech stack setup that will scale smoothly as you grow

Why Work With A GG Hubspot Consultant?

Hubspot is a powerful CRM that helps businesses run efficient, highly automated marketing campaigns that provide a great experience to customers. However, it’s also an intimidatingly complicated platform. If you have only just signed up for Hubspot, you may not know where to get started. And even if you’ve been using it for a while, you may feel you’re underutilizing the full power of the system, but be unsure how to go about getting the most out of it.

When you work with Growth Geyser, we’ll help you unlock the full potential of Hubspot. We can help you set up workflows, lead forms, email sequences, campaigns, and more to draw prospects into your customer journey. You’ll enjoy a clearer vision of how to leverage all the features of Hubspot, and be equipped with the tools you need to scale cleanly and rapidly.

Discovery & Strategy

So that we can help you get the most value from Hubspot, we first need to fully understand the needs of your business. To achieve this, we first go through a discovery phase. We analyze your current tech stack, your sales and marketing operations, and the ins and outs of your customer journey.

We will also take the time to understand your objectives, goals, and reasons for working with our Hubspot expert. If you’ve run into problems with Hubspot, we’ll start to identify the causes ASAP so we can start working on solutions.

This process begins with us asking you to fill out a detailed questionnaire to give us a broad overview of your entire business, well as the specifics of your Hubspot needs. This is followed by a 2-hour call to discuss your answers

Next, we’ll take a look under the hood of your current Hubspot setup. We will identify any obvious problems, and start to recommend best practices.

With this initial phase complete, we’ll move on to more in-depth consultation and implementation of best practices.

Implementation & Consulting

Once the discovery phase is complete, we’ll start the practical work of properly configuring and optimizing your Hubspot setup. This could involve helping you develop your own strategies through targeted advice and training. Or it can include full administration of your Hubspot CRM if needed.

What we do as your dedicated Hubspot consultants:

Declutter your system

Simplify your system by using fewer lists, removing or de-activate old contacts, and using as few fields or custom fields as possible.

Email Marketing Strategy

Provide strategy on segmenting audiences and on email marketing best practices for 2022.

CRM Pipeline Strategy

Strategy on setting up an efficient CRM Pipeline and creating a process with as much automation as possible

Software Integrations

Configuring and connecting other software systems to Hubspot that are necessary to fulfill your objectives. That includes both Zapier and Native integrations.

Hubspot Training

Training your marketing team, sales team, or other employees on the use of the Hubspot platform.

Configure Analytics

Correctly configuring your analytics so you can make data-driven marketing decisions. This includes reporting within Hubspot, in concert with Google Analytics, or with 3rd party software.

Bespoke Sales Process

Create a clearly mapped out sales process with the Kanban board view, including stages and protocols.

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