No Code Automation Services

Growth Geyser offers no code automation services on the Zapier platform.  We customize solutions for the following areas:

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  • Sales Automation
  • Marketing Automation
  • Operations & Internal Processes
  • Revenue Operations
  • Data structuring
  • Analytics

Sales Automation

Zapier provides no code automation to help you manage leads more efficiently so you can close more deals and close them more rapidly.  

Most CRM’s are limited in their automation capabilities.  We can help you to make up for CRM’s weaknesses, in the following areas and more:

  • Create follow up tasks and reminders
  • Trigger workflows based on sales activity
  • Score leads according to engagement
  • Connect to or assist reporting software in order that it reports more accurately.
  • Integrate webforms to your CRM so lead capture is frictionless.
  • Streamline call booking workflows and no-show follow ups.
  • Much more

Marketing Automation

Capturing leads, nurturing them until they’re sales qualified, and focusing on marketing data are all keys to a successful marketing department.  

Allow us to help you use no code automation to build the following custom solutions with Zapier:

  • Assist in guiding and automating the customer journey
  • Add richer customization to email nurture campaigns and drip sequences
  • Segment audiences based on events and actions
  • Connect landing page software to your marketing automation software
  • Trigger scoring and specialized messaging based on a prospect’s engagement
  • Collect custom hierarchies of data that only enterprise solutions can capture.
  • Much more

Operations & Internal Processes Automation

Operations can get bogged down by repetitive, manual processes.  Internal processes are an ideal candidate for no code automation solutions.  We can help create solutions that will reduce repetitive human tasks, reduce human error, conserve resources, and save on labor costs.

The following are just a few examples:

  • Task creation and streamlining through custom forms.
  • Customized content calendars for content creation teams.
  • Manual data entry or sales lead entry into a database or CRM.
  • Service desk enhancement
  • Customer onboarding
  • Internal team communication
  • Much more

Revenue Operations – Data Structuring – Analytics

We can also build no code automation solutions in a wide variety of other areas:

  • CRM offline conversions
  • Creating parent – child relationships in your CRM
  • Creating auto-numbering solutions to add a more logical scheme to your data
  • Analytics tracking through hidden form fields, webhooks, and data pushes to Google Analytics 4 (GA4)
  • Much more

Zapier No Code Automation Solutions

logo of zapier software Zapier is the industry leader in no code automation.  Connecting to 5,000 + applications, Zaps are workflow automation pieces that allow you to integrate your business technology software with one another.   

Zapier can also help you automate your company’s processes and build complex workflows with no code. 

Its new Tables feature acts like a database.  The data within it can assist you in connecting data to and triggering actions in other applications.   Additionally, the new Interfaces feature acts as a front end.  It allows end users such as employees or customers to interact directly with both data and workflows. 

Combined, Zapier’s workflow builder, Interfaces, and Tables allow you to build custom, no code applications, MVP’s and more.